New Model Information Sheet

Please take a few moments to fill out the information requested below.  This information will help us in the future when determining shoots, should you be selected for Hobbie Models.   All information is totally confidential.   Filling out the following information also serves to give permission for the use of your images to promote the Hobbie Models brand and the participating photographers.  No images will be used that you are uncomfortable having shown in public.  All images will be shared with you prior to use.


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Check all that apply If you have any questions about the style of modeling, please feel free to message us. You will not be doing all styles this weekend - this gives us an idea of the styles you are open to shooting in the future. Fashion - Focused on clothing and accessories Lifestyle - Advertising style focused on an action/activity Lingerie (Boudoir) - Lingerie in a "bedroom" setting Lingerie (Maxxim) - Lingerie in a non-bedroom setting Casual (Maxxim) - Think Maxxim magazine - sexy/hot wardrobe Implied Nude - Nude or topless but covering - these could be shown on facebook without facebook banning them Artistic Nude - Nude or topless in an artistic lighting or pose Body Paint - Black tape - covered artistically in paint, electrical tape or another artistic covering